Friday, May 25, 2007

"Waitin' For The People"

Oh, I’m waitin’ for the people to strike at my foes
And I’m hopin’ that the students will change the world well
So in our parks we’ll dance
And on our streets we’ll kiss.

And I’m down on professors who try to put me down
And I think it’s so stupid to always strut around
Just give me some peace to play
And someone to love today.

Their careers are wastelands, they live selfishly
I’m working to make ideals realities
As long as one baby is murdered
To bull-shit in class is wrong.

And down with all artists who have no concern
For people who are starved by Amerika
I ain’t no poet or singer
I’m just a rebel bored worker.

To listen to "Waitin' For The People" folk song, you can click on following music site link:

This protest folk song was written in a Bronx slum apartment between October 1970 and July 1971.

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