Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Columbia University's Pulitzer Prize Board/`Washington Post' Connections

The Pulitzer Prize Board of Columbia University’s School of Journalism recently gave a Pulitzer Prize to the Washington Post newspaper. Coincidentally, Pulitzer Prize Board Member Donald Graham and Columbia University President Lee Bollinger both sit on the board of directors of the Washington Post Company/Newsweek media conglomerate parent company of the Washington Post newspaper which Columbia University decided to honor with a Pulitzer Prize. In addition, Pulitzer Prize Board Member and Washington Post Company CEO Donald Graham is also a trustee of the Philip L. Graham Fund that owned over $35.4 million worth of Washington Post Company/Newsweek stock (46,339 shares) in 2005.

Not surprisingly, between 2006 and 2008, the Columbia University School of Journalism was also given three grants, totaling $75,000, by the Philip L. Graham Fund on whose board Washington Post Company/Newsweek media conglomerate CEO and Pulitzer Prize Board Member Graham sits, prior to Columbia University’s Pulitzer Prize Board giving Graham’s Washington Post newspaper a Pulitzer Prize.

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