Sunday, May 19, 2013

Columbia University's Rockefeller-Trimble Military and Advanced Systems' Connection: Trilateral Commission's Merit Janow Named Columbia SIPA Dean--Part 2

“[Former Democratic President] Carter’s close ties with David Rockefeller, the Eastern Establishment and Trilateral Commission—certainly known to many New York Times writers—were also never reported, although the story was certainly important. In fact, the absence of reporting on Carter’s connections led one distinguished panel of judges to label `Jimmy Carter and the Trilateral Commission’ to be the best censored story of 1976, the most important story during that year that the entire American media systematically failed to cover…

“The Trilateral Commissioners were—and still are—a very elite group, members by invitation only, with a majority composed of multinational businessmen and corporate lawyers. All were chosen directly or indirectly by Rockefeller…”

--from Lawrence Shoup’s 1980 book, The Carter Presidency and Beyond

“Spelling it all out, so that…even professors can understand, the Rockefeller Operation boils down to the following:…A huge fortune, illicitly amassed, is doled out in part over a span of many years in a variety of projects…Managerial…elements benefiting personally from each project naturally become Rockefeller boosters…The Rockefellers avoid taxes…A further gain in funding tax-deductible projects…is that…one has…the privilege of…decreeing what shall and what shall not be…supported…A vast fortune is retained through the generations and is so managed as to confer great…economic clout from one generation to the next…Anyone who presumes to criticize the operation is countered by the technique of…public relations officers and the outcries of the immediate beneficiaries, the tax-exempt project administrators.”

--from Ferdinand Lundberg’s 1975 book, The Rockefeller Syndrome

“When I congratulated George [H.W.] Bush on his election as vice-president in 1980, I said I hoped he didn’t mind receiving correspondence from a member of the Trilateral Commission, to which he belonged. He scrawled a card of thanks, and said, `”Sh-sh-sh” about the Trilateral stuff.’ I have kept this exchange secret until now.”

--from then-Trilateral Commission Member Hedley Donovan’s 1989 book, The Right Place, The Right Time

“…Any new clients will be dealing with Rockefeller Financial Services, the trade name of Rockefeller & Co..  Some $7 billion of Rockefeller Financial's $35 billion pile are "assets under management"; the rest are assets under advisement or administration. Rockefeller provides its 298 clients…service through its portfolio-tracking product for wealthy families, Rockit Solutions.

Rockefeller…still believes in running its own funds in 10 core areas, such as global equities and fixed income. David Harris, Rockefeller's chief investment officer, says large multinationals with their triple-A ratings and mountains of cash need to be viewed as `the new sovereigns’…The firm claims that its global funds are stars, but it keeps a lid on details…Rockefeller reluctantly produced a `confidential’ performance sheet on its 10 core funds but barred us from publishing the results…”

--from a September 15, 2012 Barron’ article by Richard C. Morais

Trimble's Force 22E… provides military integrators of munitions, unmanned vehicles, and mobile communications systems with a small, light weight solution for GPS-based navigation and timing… The Force 22E is backward compatible with its predecessor, the proven Force 22 receiver. The addition of a massive fast acquisition correlator and an ICD-167 SHCI interface, makes the Force 22E the most powerful military receiver available in this small size….”

--from the Trimble Navigation Limited/Trimble Military and Advanced Systems, Inc. website

Columbia University’s Rockefeller-Trimble Military and Advanced Systems’ Connection: Trilateral Commission’s Merit Janow Named Columbia SIPA Dean—Part 2

Columbia University’s new School of International and Public Affairs[SIPA] dean—Trilateral Commission member and Rockefeller & Co. corporate board member Merit Janow—may not be eager to encourage many Columbia students or members of the public to study how the Rockefeller Dynasty has obtained, increased and preserved its excessive wealth, historically. Nor will Columbia’s new SIPA dean likely be eager to fully disclose to either the academic community at Columbia or the public too many details about Rockefeller & Co./Rockefeller Financial Service’s 10 core global funds.

But according to an article by Richard Morais, titled “Rock of Ages”, that was posted on the Barron’ website on September 15, 2012, since the start of the endless U.S. economic recession in 2008, “Rockefeller’s assets under advisement and administration actually rose 52%, to $35 billion, in the three years through this past June [2012];” and “seven global-equity and small-cap funds” of Rockefeller & Co./Rockefeller Financial Services “have consistently outperformed indexes over long periods of time.”

During this same U.S. economic recession another corporation on whose board of directors Columbia’s new SIPA dean has sat in recent years—Trimble Navigation Limited/Trimble Military and Advanced Systems [TMAS]—has also apparently been making a lot of money by manufacturing weapons for the Pentagon’s endless drone war in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other foreign countries.

Between 2008 and early 2012, for example, the TMAS firm—that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Trimble Navigation Limited corporation on whose corporate Columbia SIPA Dean Janow has sat since 2008—apparently accepted 50 contracts from the U.S. Department of Defense—whose total worth exceeded $6.6 million—to produce military weaponry-related products. (end of part 2)