Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"Upton Sinclair"

He saw the injustice
He wrote without fear
He exposed all the lies
This man Upton Sinclair.


If you follow the path of Walt Whitman
And hobo around this land
You will notice that professors
Try to tell you what’s “good” and “bad”
They will praise a T.S. Eliot
Or a Yeats and Ezra Pound
But they won’t mention Mammonart
It’s a book that’s underground.

He studied the Civil War
And Harriet Beecher Stowe
He wrote a book Manassas
And then to Chicago, he did go
He observed closely the stockyards
And wrote about it all in prose
The Jungle described the world
And exposed the wage-slave’s foes.

He saw the miners’ struggle
And wrote the book King Coal
His mind always kept working
He wrote the book Oil!
He exposed the schools and press
And religion and magazines
He wrote a book Money Writes
Which made the gentry scream.

He went up to New England
For Sacco and Vanzetti
The book Boston, he wrote
Exposed the Brahmins’ greed
His characters were real
And not obsessed sexually
His books tell of the workers
And of their enemies.

To listen to the "Upton Sinclair" folk song, you can go to following link:

Upton Sinclair was written deep in the heart of Brooklyn in the early 1980s, after I read most of the books that Upon Sinclair wrote before 1932.

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