Monday, February 4, 2008

Where Was The `Change' During The Clintons' First Two Terms?--Part 23

In their current campaign to secure a third term in the White House, in violation of the spirit of the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (which limits U.S. Establishment politicians who become the U.S. president to two terms in office), the Clintons are claiming that a third Clinton Administration in Washington, D.C. will bring democratic political “change” to U.S. society. Yet as the following historical column items from Downtown indicate, when Bill Clinton was the U.S. President during the 1990s the Clintons failed to bring democratic political change to U.S. society:

19 Days Before 1996 Chicago Dem Convention: Where’s The Change?

The Older Corporatist Male candidate is expected to be nominated at the GOP Convention; after an Aug. 10th [1996] National Raza March in San Diego demands that the “Clinton Crime Bill” be annulled. And 19 days before the Chicago Democratic National Convention, there’s not much sign of African-American empowerment or full respect for the right to assemble in Chicago.

Nor has hemp been legalized or amnesty been granted to all U.S. political prisoners. And the Media Monopoly hasn’t yet scheduled a Nader vs. Clintons debate on television; or allowed any [radical] feminists to ask Bill Clinton why he governs like a Republican, backs the ban on lesbian marriages, and can’t protect airline passengers or music fans, without wiretapping his political opponents.

(Downtown/Aquarian Weekly 8/7/96)

5 Days Before 1996 Chicago Dem Convention: Where’s The Change?

Even if Bill “NAFTA” Clinton makes a campaign speech at the Crosby, Stills & Nash concert in Chicago [in 1996] to promise folks “change,” his record of governing like a GOP president since 1993 cannot be erased. And five days before the 1996 Chicago Democratic National Convention, the Clintons have still not legalized hemp, freed Leonard Peltier, fully empowered African-Americans, restored [permanent] economic prosperity to the Big Apple, passed a federal civil rights bill for gay males and lesbians or debated [1996] Green Prez Candidate Nader on TV.

(Downtown/Aquarian Weekly 8/21/96)

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