Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kunstler Appealed To Hillary Clinton For Peltier's Freedom

When 2008 Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Rodham-Clinton was living in the White House during the 1990s with her husband, former Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton, she apparently wasn’t very eager to end human rights violations by the U.S. government in the United States. As the now-deceased William Kunstler noted in My Life As A Radical Lawyer, his 1994 autobiography:

“Leonard Peltier most recently appealed in Nov. 1992 with Ramsey Clark as his main attorney…

“In May 1993, I wrote to Hillary Rodham-Clinton in response to a rather terse letter she had sent to one of Leonard’s new lawyers, Eric Seitz, who had requested a presidential review of the case. She wrote to Seitz that her husband had no power to interfere in an ongoing criminal case. In my letter to Mrs. Clinton, I criticized her for her cold response to Seitz’s reasonable letter and informed her that she was quite incorrect about limits on presidential interference in criminal cases. She should have recalled former President Bush’s pardon of the indicted Caspar Weinberger…

“I only hope that I live long enough to see Leonard free…”

U.S. political prisoner Peltier was still imprisoned by the Rodham-Clinton Administration on the day Kunstler died; and, in 2007, Leonard Peltier, remains imprisoned by the U.S. Establishment’s government.

(Downtown 9/20/95)

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