Saturday, June 9, 2007

Columbia University's DARPA War Research

As an article posted on the site in 2003 observed, the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency [DARPA] “is an inner circle of scientists and defense bureaucrats whose job is to dream up the next battlefield tools.” The same 2003 article also noted that "the Pentagon's search for an `Extended Performance War Fighter’ concentrates on employing advanced genetics and neurological science rather than the drugs which have been used since the Second World War to keep warriors awake and alert.” Much of the DARPA research for keeping U.S. pilots away by “zapping” their brains with an electro-magnetic energy called TMS is apparently being done in laboratories at Columbia University’s neurological science department under the supervision of Columbia University Professor Yaakov Stern, as part of a multi-million dollar DARPA war research contract.

In 2003, Columbia Professor Stern apparently told a Telegraph reporter:

"I am convinced that we can help the Pentagon. I have identified the parts of the brain that seem to control the response to sleep deprivation, and we have the technology to stimulate that part to improve the resistance to lack of sleep. The generals want a man who is awake and alert for up to a week. We think we can actually do that.”
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