Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Was Clintons' Blind Trust Invested In War Stock?

As president, the husband of former Wellesley College Trustee and 2008 Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton approved the granting of lucrative weapons manufacturing contracts to companies like United Technologies and Boeing. In addition, according to The Buying Of The President by Charles Lewis, “Saudi Arabia chose Boeing and McDonnell Douglas…to share a $6 billion jetliner order after President [Bill] Clinton…called King Fahd on Aug. 17, 1993” and “Boeing gave $307,000 between 1991 and 1994” to the Dems in campaign contributions.

Coincidentally, the Boston firm that managed both the blind trust funds of former Wellesley College Trustee Clinton and the Wellesley College Endowment funds, Essex Investment Management, has apparently invested these funds in companies which profit from selling the weapons of mass murder to the Pentagon. In 1995, for instance, the Wellesley College Endowment portfolio contained 18,700 shares of Boeing Company stock (worth $1.2 million) and 16,400 shares of United Technologies stock (worth $1.3 million).

Hillary chose the same firm that manages the Wellesley College Endowment to invest her own family’s surplus private wealth in July 1993; following a May 1993 consultation with Essex head Joseph McNay at the White House in which he talked with the 2008 Democratic Party presidential candidate “about his investment philosophy,” according to the Boston Globe (8/31/93)

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