Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why Are Israeli Troops Still In East Jerusalem?

According to Jerusalem: Arab Origin and Heritage by M.A. Aamiry, “the period of uncontested Arab habitation and rule in and around Jerusalem and Palestine covers at least 800 years” and “in 1948,the population of Jerusalem was about 160,000, half of them Arabs, half Jews.” The same book also observed:

“After the war of June 1967, the Zionists proclaimed the annexation of Old Jerusalem to add to the sectors of the city which they had occupied from 1948. In spite of resolutions of the United Nations Security Council, Israel has persisted in its arbitrary measures and has lost no time in converting the city to its own purposes, bulldozing Arab houses, driving out their owners and rendering them homeless, expropriating Arab land and erecting tall new skyscrapers, `match-boxes six stories high,’ thus disfiguring the Holy City and destroying its unique character…”

The New York Times (11/18/94) also reported in 1994 that “the Palestinians accuse Israel of violating the 1993” peace “agreement by building blocks of new housing in East Jerusalem.”

(Downtown 12/7/94)

Does Israeli Intelligence Agency Operate Within The United States?

Although the espionage and covert action organizations of foreign governments are not supposed to be allowed to operate on U.S. soil, the Israeli government’s Mossad may have set up, historically, a secret division called “Al” in New York City, under the direction of Ury Dinure, to spy on both Arab-Americans and U.S. weapons manufacturers, according to former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky’s book By Way of Deception. In this same book, Ostrovsky wrote: “It seems that even the CIA believes that the Mossad, except for liaison, simply does not operate actively in the United States itself. Well, they’re wrong…”

According to Ostrovsky, between 24 and 27 veteran Israeli secret agents were employed by the Mossad’s super-secret Al division in the 1980s to engage in “spying, recruiting, organizing and carrying out covert activities—mainly in New York and Washington, which they refer to as their `playground.’” The former Mossad case officer also wrote that the Mossad’s Al unit “is so secretive, and so separate from the main organization, that the majority of Mossad employees don’t even know what it does and do not have access to its files on the computer” and that “one of the more famous of Al’s activities involved the theft of research material from some major U.S. aircraft-manufacturing firms.” “Al” is the Hebrew word for “above” or “on top.”

(Downtown 8/26/92)