Saturday, May 18, 2013

Columbia University's Rockefeller-Trimble Military and Advanced Systems' Connection: Trilateral Commission's Merit Janow Named Columbia SIPA Dean--Part 1

“In 1973 the Trilateral Commission was founded by David Rockefeller, Chase Manhattan Bank chairman, [former Columbia University Professor] Zbignew Brzezinski…and other like-minded "eminent private citizens."… Members…are drawn from international business and banking, government, academia, media, and conservative labor. The Commission's purpose is to engineer an enduring partnership among the ruling classes of North America, Western Europe, and Japan-hence the term "trilateral"-in order to safeguard the interests of Western capitalism in an explosive world. The private Trilateral Commission is attempting to mold public policy…Trilateralists are saying: (1) the people, governments, and economies of all nations must serve the needs of multinational banks and corporations; (2) control over economic resources spells power in modern politics (of course, good citizens are supposed to believe as they are taught; namely, that political equality exists in Western democracies whatever the degree of economic inequality); and (3) the leaders of capitalist democracies-systems where economic control and profit, and thus political power, rest with the few-must resist movement toward a truly popular democracy….”

--Holly Sklar in 1980

“Barack Obama appointed eleven members of…Trilateral Commission to top-level… positions in his administration within his first ten days in office… Within two weeks of his inauguration, Obama’s appointments encompassed more than 12 percent of Commission’s entire US membership…Since the Carter administration, Trilateralists have held these very influential positions: Six of the last eight World Bank Presidents; Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the United States (except for Obama and Biden); over half of all US Secretaries of State; and three quarters of the Secretaries of Defense….”

--the Project Censored website

“John D. Rockefeller's family office, Rockefeller & Co., was founded in 1882. It began selling its expertise to other families in 1980, and by mid-2008 it had $28 billion of clients' assets under its hood….In September 2009, as the financial crisis raged, Rockefeller's chief executive, James S. McDonald, shot himself behind a car dealership in Dartmouth, Mass.

“While world markets continued their downward spiral, it took a year for the Rockefeller Family Trust, which owns 100% of the multifamily office's voting rights, to get McDonald's successor in place….”

--from a September 15, 2012 Barron’s com article by Richard C. Morais

“As the Under Secretary for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs, Reuben Jeffery III, serves as the senior economic official at the State Department. Mr. Jeffery advises the Secretary of State on international economic policy…He also serves as the State Department's Coordinator for International Energy Affairs

Nominated by President Bush on April 16, 2007, and confirmed by the Senate on June 21, 2007, Mr. Jeffery was sworn into office by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on June 27….Mr. Jeffery previously served as the Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for International Economic Affairs at the National Security Council. Mr. Jeffery also acted as the Representative and Executive Director of the Coalition Provisional Authority Office (CPA) at the Pentagon, after having served as an advisor to Ambassador Bremer in Iraq…’

--from a biography of Rockefeller & Co. CEO and board member Reuben Jeffery III that was posted on the U.S. State Department website in 2007

TMAS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Trimble Navigation Limited, which develops advanced GPS solutions for the defense aerospace industry. TMAS products incorporate a common 24-Channel GPS engine that is capable of simultaneously tracking all signals from all GPS satellites in view.

“High-performance products, innovative technology, and proven experience in the field make Trimble a trusted supplier for US and Allied military GPS users worldwide. Over the last decade, armed forces around the world have procured more than 50,000 military receivers from Trimble.

--from the Trimble Navigation Limited/Trimble Military and Advanced Systems, Inc. website

Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger has appointed Merit E. Janow as the next dean of the University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), effective July 1."

from the Columbia University website on May 17, 2013

Columbia University’s Rockefeller-Trimble Military and Advanced Systems’ Connection: Trilateral Commission’s Merit Janow Named Columbia SIPA Dean—Part 1

Like a former Special Assistant to former Republican President George W. Bush and a former advisor to U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Paul Bremer named Reuben Jeffery III, Columbia University’s new School of International and Public Affairs [SIPA] Dean Merit Janow is a member of the undemocratically selected Trilateral Commission elite group that David Rockefeller founded in 1973.

And like Bush and Bremer’s former advisor Jeffery, Trilateral Commission member Janow also sits next to David Rockefeller, David Rockefeller Jr., Mark Rockefeller and Michael Rockefeller on the board of directors of the Rockefeller Dynasty’s Rockefeller & Co.; which, according to its website, apparently seeks to increase both the Rockefeller family’s wealth and the wealth of “select investors outside of the Rockefeller family,” by investing and managing “approximately $35 billion in assets.”

Besides being a member of David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission and the corporate board of Rockefeller & Co., Columbia University’s new SIPA dean has also been a member in recent years of the corporate boards of Nasdaq Exchange LLC, the Capital Income Building Fund, the World Growth and Income Fund, the American Fund Insurance Series and the American Fund Target Date Retirement Fund. In addition, SIPA Dean Janow has, since 2008, sat on the board of directors of the Sunnyvale, California-based Trimble Navigation Limited/Trimble Military and Advanced Systems [TMAS], Inc corporation (that has produced weapons for the endless U.S. military’s drone war in Afghanistan and other countries in recent years). As a February 7, 2008 press release of Trimble Navigation Limited/Trimble Military and Advanced Systems noted:

Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today it has appointed Merit E. Janow to serve on its Board of Directors effective March 1, 2008….

“`We are pleased to welcome Merit to Trimble's Board of Directors,’ said Steven W. Berglund, president and CEO of Trimble. `The aggressive development of our international markets is core to Trimble's strategy in all of our segments. Merit's demonstrated global expertise, experience and insight will enable her to make a significant contribution to the Board.’…”

According to the Forbes magazine website, in 2011, Columbia’s new SIPA dean was apparently paid $54,000 in compensation and $228,000 in stock as compensation for sitting on the board of directors of Trimble Navigation Limited/Trimble Military and Advanced Systems. And, according to the Center for Responsive Politics' Open Secrets website, SIPA Dean Janow apparently made a campaign contribution of $1,000 to GOP presidential candidate George W. Bush's campaign on June 30, 1999 and a campaign contribution of $2,000 to former Republican President George W. Bush's re-election campaign on August 12, 2003. (end of part 1)