Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Institutional Sexism In Hollywood Historically

Although the fantasy lives of many traditionally-minded U.S. women are still heavily-influenced by Hollywood-produced movies, U.S. women have generally not exercised much influence in Hollywood, historically. As the 1980 book Women And The Mass Media by Matilda Butler and William Paisley observed:

“Motion pictures are the most male-dominated of the media. June 1974 membership figures for the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences show that men are: 89 percent of the actors/actresses; 100 percent of the cinematographers; 99 percent of the directors; 98 percent of the executives; 99 percent of the producers; 92 percent of the writers; 89 percent of the editors; 90 percent of the art directors; and 94 percent of all members…

“Women are far less than 1 percent of the members of the Producers’ Guild (8 out of 3068). They are 1 percent of the members of the Directors’ Guild (23 out of 2366) and 5 percent of the members of the Writers’ Guild (148 out of 2976).”

(Downtown 3/31/93)

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