Saturday, February 2, 2008

Where Was The `Change' During The Clintons' First Two Terms?--Part 21

In their current campaign to secure a third term in the White House, in violation of the spirit of the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (which limits U.S. Establishment politicians who become the U.S. president to two terms in office), the Clintons are claiming that a third Clinton Administration in Washington, D.C. will bring democratic political “change” to U.S. society. Yet as the following historical column items from Downtown indicate, when Bill Clinton was the U.S. President during the 1990s the Clintons failed to bring democratic political change to U.S. society:

103 Days Before 1996 Chicago Dem Convention: Where’s The Change?

The Big Oil companies seem to be forcing U.S. consumers to pay more for gasoline. But the Clintons have done little to promote consumer/worker control of Big Oil. Nor have the Clintons done much to promote the use of bicycles, trolleys, subways and other forms of mass transit that do not rely on gasoline use. Mumia Abu-Jamal has still not been released, African-American workers still experience double-digit unemployment rates and third-party candidates, activists and artists are still denied equal access to the TV screen. Yet the Clintons apparently want to be re-nominated without having to debate their politics with alternative candidates such as Ralph Nader—103 days before the 1996 Chicago Democratic National Convention.

(Downtown/Aquarian Weekly 5/15/96)

96 Days Before 1996 Chicago Dem Convention: Where’s The Change?

Most folks in Manhattan believe that straight married couples should not possess more legal rights than unmarried individuals, unmarried couples and same-sex couples who wish to be married. Yet Democratic President Bill Clinton is apparently “personally opposed” to allowing same-sex couples to marry—96 days before the 1996 Chicago Democratic National Convention. Bill Clinton is also “personally opposed” to allowing all couples and individuals to legally smoke hemp/pot/marijuana.

(Downtown/Aquarian Weekly 5/22/96)

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