Sunday, June 1, 2008

`Indonesiagate': Obama's Historic U.S. Embassy Family Connection--Part 4

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Prior to the U.S. Embassy-backed right-wing Indonesian army coup in 1965, the most popular Indonesian political party was the PKI [the Communist Party of Indonesia]. As Pretext For Mass Murder by John Roosa recalled in 2006:

“Imagine the following scene in Jakarta on May 23, 1965. The main stadium, which is not far from the presidential palace and the legislature, is overflowing with people. Tens of thousands are in the stands that circle the field, while thousands more stand in the field below. Outside in the parking lot and nearby streets more than 100,000 are milling about…The occasion is the forty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the PKI…This May 23 celebration is almost a replay of the May Day celebration held in the same stadium only three weeks earlier…The PKI has demonstrated…that it is the largest and best-organized political party in the country…

“All observers believed at the time that the [Indonesian] Communist Party would win the plurality of votes if elections were held again…For the anti-PKI elements Sukarno’s handpicked national legislature was better than a democratically elected one controlled by the PKI…”

But the U.S. Embassy-supported right-wing Indonesian army generals still controlled more than 300,000 armed soldiers in the Fall of 1965, while most of the Indonesian civilians who were PKI members or PKI supporters were unarmed.

So following a failed September 30, 1965 mutiny by mostly junior Indonesian army officers against the U.S. Embassy-supported right-wing Indonesian generals, the right-wing Indonesian army generals “began fabricating evidence against the PKI in early October 1965” (which falsely claimed that all civilian PKI leaders, PKI members and PKI supporters were responsible for the September 30, 1965 events) to create a pretext for exterminating PKI members and supporters in Indonesia, according to the Pretext For Mass Murder book. The same book also observed in 2006:

“The tragedy of modern Indonesian history lies not just in the army-organized mass killings of 1965-66, but also in the rise to power of the killers…No monument marks any of the mass graves that hold the hundreds of thousands of people killed…”

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