Tuesday, June 24, 2008

`A Millionaire'

Oh, pig Bush a millionaire
And Bobby Dylan a millionaire
And Rockefeller a millionaire
And Bruce Springsteen a millionaire.

And Mr. Mellon a millionaire
And Warren Beatty a millionaire
And Tom Fonda a millionaire
And Mick Jagger a millionaire.

You’re such a phoney, just blowin’ out wind
Makin’ like Woody to win your million
You made me cry when I was a kid
But now I’m feelin’ you’re just a rich pig.

Don’t think we fall for that working-class shit
Give us your money, and then we might talk
We’re sick and tired of your ego-trip
Of making millions while raising your fist.

Now it seems to me it is unfair
That some men are millionaires
They steal their money by various means
Yet sing us songs to show their pity.

I’m just a poor man without any bread
I feel all people should make the same wage
To rip off culture from people oppressed
Is just as bad as burning their huts.

Inspired by the anti-corporate activism of A.J. Weberman,


the Yippies and the Lower East Side’s Rock Liberation Front during the late 1960s and early 1970s, the original lyrics of the A Millionaire protest folk song were written in a slum apartment in the Bronx in 1971. As the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s passed by some of the specific lyrics were changed a little. But A Millionaire still represents an historical attempt to protest against the ripping off-for personal economic profit of the Movement’s revolutionary counter-culture by the hip capitalist global corporate music industry and their stable of super-rich rock music aristocrats.

To listen to some other protest folk songs, you can check out the “Columbia Songs for a Democratic Society” site at the following link:

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