Thursday, January 15, 2009

Did Militaristic Israel's Mossad `Terminate' Ex-`NY Daily News' Owner Maxwell?

Remember former New York Daily News Owner Robert Maxwell, who came to Midtown Manhattan in early 1991 to “save” the New York Daily News from bankruptcy?

Well, according to a former agent of the Militaristic Israeli government’s Mossad Intelligence Agency, Victor Ostrovsky, Maxwell was apparently eliminated by a Mossad assassination team of the Zionist movement in November 1991; after Maxwell threatened to reveal certain secrets unless the Mossad quickly provided him with enough money to prevent his own financial bankruptcy. (At one point, Maxwell was worth $1.2 billion; but his cash flow problems became so severe, just prior to his death, that the former New York Daily News owner secretly took $765 million from the pension fund of the labor he employed at his Mirror newspaper in London).

In his 1990s book The Other Side Of Deception, Victor Ostrovsky wrote the following:

“The ties between Maxwell and the Mossad went back a long way…He provided an unending supply of slush money for the organization…

“A small meeting of right-wingers at Mossad headquarters resulted in a consensus to terminate Maxwell…

“Maxwell was asked to sail on his yacht to Madeira and wait there for a message.

“…On Friday, Nov. 1 (1991), a special Mossad troubleshooting team that was in Spain…was dispatched. The team flew to Morocco, where they were met by a confederate who’d already taken care of all the necessary equipment and other arrangements…

“On Nov. 2…Maxwell…was…told that the meeting with the money people would now take place on the island of Tenerife.

“When he reached Santa Cruz on the island of Tenerife, he headed for a meeting in the Hotel Mency. As he dined alone in the hotel restaurant, someone walked over to him and gave him a message indicating that he should be in Los Cristos on the other side of the island the next morning. He was to make his way there in his yacht…

“The Kidon (Mossad assassination team)…managed to get to Maxwell at sea while the yacht was cruising at 15 knots…Some time during the night of Nov. 4-5, the Mossad’s problem was laid to rest in the salty waters of the Atlantic…”

(Downtown 5/17/95)

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