Monday, January 5, 2009

Obama's Secretary Of State-Designate Husband's Ambassador To Israel In 1990s

A U.S. Ambassador to Israel in the 1990s—former Clinton White House National Security Council Adviser Martin Indyk—apparently represented the special interests of the Militaristic Israeli Establishment before he was named by the husband of Obama Administration Secretary Of State-Designate Hillary Clinton to represent the Democratic Clinton Administration in Israel during the 1990s. As Peace And Its Discontents: Essays On Palestine In The Middle East Peace Process by Professor Edward Said noted:

“Consider…the extraordinary, not to say astonishing presence in the Clinton Administration of one Martin Indyk…An Australian, Indyk was employed by the Washington Institute on Near East Policy, a think-tank associated with AIPAC, the pro-Israeli lobby, and the Likud Party [of former MIT student Benjamin Netanyahu]. Literally a few days before he was appointed to the National Security Council in early 1993 Indyk was made an American Citizen.”

The same book also observed in 1995:

“The tragedy is not that peace was achieved but that it was not, even though much of the Western media have celebrated the achievements of what has been called the American `peace process.’

“…Arab views are rarely encountered in the mainstream American media…When reports of torture and killing of Palestinians by Israeli and Palestinian police appear, they are connected with neither the deeply flawed Oslo Accords nor with an Israeli and, behind it, an American policy which has maintained hundreds of Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands, continues to deploy a major army of occupation, intransigently confiscates and builds on Arab land in East Jerusalem (as part of the city’s forced Judaization), and resolutely denies Palestinians true freedom and national self-determination…According to Israeli figures, 70,000 more acres of Palestinian land have been expropriated or designated `security’ areas since September 1993
[as of 1995].”

(Downtown/Aquarian Weekly 10/16/96)

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