Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who Ruled NYU In 1994?

Like New York University [NYU] in 1994, the University of California at the time of the Berkeley Student Revolt was controlled by super-rich folks whose special interests conflicted with the class interests of most Village Voice readers. As The Beginning: Berkeley, 1964 recalled:

“In the 1964-65 school year…the 24 members of the University of California’s Board of Regents had various connections with larger interests in the state and the nation. The board chairman was president of the largest chain of department stores in the West. Other members included the chairman of the Bank of America, the chairman of the nation’s largest gold-mining corporation, a vice-president of Lockheed…active in the California Manufacturer’s Association, the board chairman of two oil companies, the president of one of California’s largest food-processing concerns, a past chairman of the Republican State Central Committee…the wives of two of the state’s leading newspaper publishers, a past president of the state bar association…two corporation lawyers, and a former advertising executive. Members of the Board of Regents either headed or served on the boards of directors of 38 major corporations in the state and the nation…”

Similarly, among the corporations and institutions which were owned or directed by members of NYU’s Board of Trustees in the early 1990s were the Village Voice, Nation magazine, the New York Observer, the New York Daily News, CBS, Capital Cities Communication/ABC, Time Warner/Time magazine, U.S. News & World Report, Atlantic Monthly, Mobil Oil, Texaco, Getty Oil, Amerada Hess, Union Carbide, Chemical Bank, Bank Leumi Trust, NYNEX, Metropolitan Life Insurance, Borden, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Automatic Data Processing, Rockwell International, Paramount Communications, the New York Stock Exchange, Lazard Freres, Bear Stearns, Loew’s/Lorillard Tobacco, R.H. Macy’s, Hartz Mountain, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of NY and the NY Public Library.

(Downtown 9/21/94)

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