Saturday, April 11, 2009

Did CIA Tamper With Abbie Hoffman's Car Brakes In 1988?

Prior to his mysterious death 20 years ago on April 12, 1989, Abbie Hoffman apparently “insisted that the CIA had tampered with the brakes of his car” before his serious 1988 automobile accident “and that there was a government plot to assassinate him because his information about the arms-for-hostage deal was so damaging to the Republicans,” according to For The Hell Of It by Jonah Raskin. The same book also recalled that “Abbie collaborated on an article entitled `An Election Held Hostage’ which he felt…would cost George Bush the 1988 election;” and “Abbie insisted on delivering the manuscript in person to his editor at Playboy,” but “on the road from his home in Bucks County to Newark,…to catch a flight to Chicago, his car was hit by a truck.”

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