Monday, June 15, 2009

An Interview With `The World Is Turning' Author Don Paul--Part 1

On April 14, 2007, New Orleans-based writer-poet-musician-Marathon runner-activist Don Paul was the Chief Prosecutor for the "San Diego Citizen's Grand Jury on the Crimes of September 11, 2001 in New York City" event that was held at San Diego State University. He co-founded the organization Rebuild Green three days after Hurricane Katrina and moved from San Francisco to New Orleans in January 2006 to help with effort for recovery there. The author of more than 20 books and the producer of more than 20 albums, Paul was recently interviewed by email about the Democratic Obama Administration's first 100 days and about his most recent book: The World Is Turning: `9/11,' The Movement for Justice & Reclaiming America for the World. (The text of this interview was originally posted on the site).

Why did you decide to write your new book, "The World Is Turning"?

Don Paul [DP]: It seemed like it might be helpful. You know, build a better door-stoop. In truth, I wanted this new book to be a fairly comprehensive resource into the crimes of 9/11/01 and their connections to predicaments that surround us, the world’s working-class people, in 2009.

Let me tell a little story that relates to your question. Last November I was a guest of Venezuela’s National Library (the CENALO for the 6th annual Ferra Internacional del Libro en Venezuela (the FILVEN). Cuban national radio interviewed me after one panel. After ten or so minutes of hearing my emphatic particulars about holes in the Official Story for 9/11/01, the Cuban journalist asked, as I recall: “Why are you so obsessed to bring light to this obscure situation in the United States?”

“Because,” I replied, “the Big Lie of 9/11 remains the foundation for the War on Terror, and the War on Terror is headed directly toward the financial Establishment of the Western world’s pathological dream of a New World Order. So, by exposing the true perpetrators of the horror of September 11,2001, we can turn their psychological-operation against them.” Readers can hear the full interview on Cuban national radio, if they like, at

Since 2008 there have been four substantial, peer-reviewed papers which detail and corroborates that nano-thermites are present in dust and chips from the World Trade Center Twin Towers and Building 7 destruction sits—nano-thermites being ideal, high-tech means for the demolition of those three buildings.

9/11 is still the Big Lie behind the United States’ endless wars in the 21st century. The Obama Administration now wishes to call the “War on Terror” “Overseas Contingency Operations”—a term that may remind some of “collateral damage” for civilian deaths in Vietnam—but this lie of a War remains the same damned deceit that kills tens of thousands of people and costs hundreds of billions of dollars and that more represses civil liberties each year.

Last February, at a press-conference to announce the increase of U.S. troops in Afghanistan by 17,000, the new President said about Afghanistan “The bottom line though—and I just want to remember the American people, because this is going to be difficult—is this is a situation in which a region served as the base for an attack that killed 3000 Americans.” That is, he endorsed the fairy-tale that al-Qaida orchestrated the “Attack on America”—with that attack’s demolition of the three WTC skyscrapers and its distraction of North American air defenses—from command-centers in Afghan caves.

Nonsense! A bogey-man story of the Other, the Enemy, that serves a corrupt agenda instead of courageously examining obvious realities.

Finally, The World Is Turning is meant to directly connect orchestrators of “Attack on America” and the 9/11/01 mass-murder in Lower Manhattan with orchestrators and beneficiaries of 2007-2009’s “New Depression”. (end of part 1)

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