Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Time For Universal Medicaid In USA?

Instead of simply cutting the Pentagon’s military budget by 90 percent and simply providing free health care for the millions of people in the United States who now lack health insurance by ordering the Department of Health and Human Services to immediately start issuing federal Medicaid cards to all U.S. citizens, the Democratic Obama-Clinton Administration’s complicated health tax scam will only probably provide health insurance cards to the uninsured in exchange for more U.S. worker paycheck tax deductions.

In countries like Russia, the UK, the Netherlands and Cuba, ironically, health care has long been free. According to National Health Insurance, in Russia “personal medical services are available to the entire population at no direct costs,” in the UK “the professional attention of a general practitioner is made available free of charge to everyone” and “no charges are made…for clinical examinations” of teeth, and in the Netherlands “an insured person generally receives free care for any medical services needed” and “dental treatment is also provided free of charge.” In Cuba, according to The Complete Travel Guide To Cuba, “should you become ill from any cause, you will be entitled to the same free health care as Cuban citizens” and “this means hospital and physician services…will be provided at no charge.” (Downtown 10/13/93)

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