Monday, December 31, 2007

How Did Jack Ruby Enter The Dallas Police Station Basement?

A number of people have claimed that prior to his silencing of Oswald on Nov. 24, 1963, Jack Ruby was escorted into the Dallas Police Station basement in Dallas’ City Hall by Dallas Assistant Chief of Police Charles Batchelor, via the elevator. Coincidentally, during the March 31, 1964 testimony of Dallas Police Lt. Jack Revill before Warren Commission Assistant Counsel Leon Hubert Jr. the following exchange took place:

Lt. REVILL: Prior to the shooting…He arrived at city hall at 9:30. This preacher’s name is Ray Rushing…He came to the city hall and went to the third floor, and—by the way, he rode up on the elevator with Jack Ruby, now…Rode to the third floor…This preacher was one of the people that we located and he related this story to me, that he rode up on the elevator with Jack Ruby on the morning of Nov. 24…

Mr. HUBERT: In other words, Rushing says that he rode up with Ruby on the morning of the 24th, prior to the shooting?

Lt. REVILL: Yes, sir…

Mr. HUBERT: Did he say whether he had any conversation with him?

Lt. REVILL: He talked about the weather. I asked him.

Mr. HUBERT: Did he say whether he was—whether he saw Ruby there afterwards?

Lt. REVILL: He said he [Ruby] turned to the right and—went up to the third floor and, after arriving on the third floor, he [Ruby] turned to the right and went to the administrative office and talked to Chief Assistant Batchelor.

(Downtown 4/1/92)

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