Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Mass Media Coverage of JFK Assassination Probe-Related Deaths

Although some of the U.S. Establishment’s mass media reporters tried in the early 1990s to pin the sole blame for JFK’s assassination on “The Mafia,” most mainstream media reporters were not too eager then to do much investigative reporting in relation to the strange death of Sam Giancana in 1975. According to The Kennedys: Dynasty and Disaster—1848-1983 by John Davis:

“Staff members of the Senate Committee on Intelligence arrived in Chicago on July 19, 1975, to arrange for Giancana to appear before the committee in Washington five days later. He was to testify about his role in the CIA-Mafia Castro assassination plots. That same evening, around 10 p.m., Giancana was in the basement den of his Chicago home cooking sausage, escarole, and beans when the person who he was with shot him seven times…Giancana’s daughter, Antoinette, was sure her father had been killed by `the same people responsible for killing the Kennedys,’ who, she believed, was the CIA.”

Another person involved in the JFK Assassination Case whose strange death the U.S. Establishment ‘s mass media doesn’t like to talk about too much was one of Lee Oswald’s closest acquaintances in Dallas—Geroge de Mohrenschildt. According to The Kennedys: Dynasty and Disaster, prior to his mysterious death in 1977, de Mohrenschildt wrote an unpublished book manuscript about Lee Oswald and the JFK Assassination, entitled I Am A Patsy! I Am A Patsy, which contained the following passage:

“He was a patsy, a patsy not involved in any revenge arising out of JFK’s biggest and costliest mistake—the Bay of Pigs…The assassination was a devilishly clever act of revenge caused by the Bay of Pigs disaster.”

Coincidentally, de Mohrenschildt’s “apparent suicide occurred on the very day a member of the House Select Committee on Assassination was going to question him about the Kennedy murder,” according to The Kennedys: Dynasty and Disaster. In the same book, John Davis also raised the question “Did de Mohrenschildt really commit suicide?" And Davis then concluded that “the evidence that he did was purely circumstantial.”

(Downtown 4/1/92)

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